Treasure Island

Duncan Livingstone

[Papa Dun]

Poems of Duncan Livingstone

1. A teacher's Hope 6/19/2013
2. Buried Brains 5/12/2013
3. Hundredth Lap With Bulls 5/26/2013
4. I Broke The Gourd 7/20/2013
5. I Will Never Die 5/1/2013
6. Loving Hatred 12/1/2013
7. Man On Fire 5/1/2013
8. Master No Masters 5/1/2013
9. What Death Failed 5/14/2013
10. Whipping Whip's Owner 5/3/2013

Buried Brains

They claim that brain drains;
They are the first to drain brains
And the last to die
As easy as pie

Let me rest at least in peace;
Let them claim and cry if they wish
As though I'm a piece of fish
Because my brain awaits burial

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