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Dorian Petersen Potter Poems

121. Free Indeed (Triple Strata) 7/20/2013
122. Friend (Quatrains) 8/3/2013
123. Friends 8/3/2005
124. Friends And Lovers (Free Verse) 8/3/2013
125. Friendship (Minuet) 7/18/2013
126. Friendship Bracelets (Redondilla) 7/20/2013
127. Friendship Bracelets (Shadorma) 7/18/2013
128. Fright Night (Free Style) 7/19/2013
129. Frodo's Goodbye (Free Style) 7/19/2013
130. Give More And More (Rhyming Couplets) 7/20/2013
131. Giving Thanks 8/3/2005
132. God (Star Of David) 7/18/2013
133. God Is Faithful (Quatern) 8/3/2013
134. God's Blessings Are Abundant (Take A Letter-G) 7/18/2013
135. Good Manners (Free Style) 7/18/2013
136. Gossip (Free Style) 7/18/2013
137. Great (Triolet) 7/19/2013
138. Growing Old (Quatern) 7/28/2013
139. Halloween Is Here (Free Style) 7/19/2013
140. Hang In There 8/3/2005
141. Happy Birthday Lady Kami (Concrete Cup) 7/20/2013
142. Happy Birthday To You My Dear Aliceann (Cup Of Life) 7/18/2013
143. Happy Easter To You (Tanka) 7/20/2013
144. Happy Independence Day 2013 (Nonet) 7/18/2013
145. Happy New Year Wishes To You (Whitney) 8/3/2013
146. Happy St. Valentine's Day (Lai) 2/14/2014
147. Happy Thanksgiving Day (Free Style) 7/19/2013
148. Hard To Believe (Free Style) 7/28/2013
149. He Had To Go(Monotetra) Tribute To Michael Jackson 11/28/2009
150. He Has Many Names (Trinet) 7/18/2013
151. He Send Us (Nonet) 9/18/2014
152. He Send Us His Blessings (Monchielle) 7/20/2013
153. Healing Through Poetry 11/27/2009
154. Hear The Call (Free Style) 7/19/2013
155. Heaven (Dorian 42) 7/18/2013
156. He'Ll Give You Peace & Hope (Quatern) 7/12/2013
157. Helping Mom 8/3/2005
158. Her Beauty(Diminished Hexaverse) 7/18/2013
159. Heroes 8/3/2005
160. He's With Me (Nonet) 7/20/2013
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A Graduation Day Poem(Acrostic)

Happy Graduation Day to you!
At last you've completed this journey.
Preparing for a long time you've
Pursued what you've dreamed for and now
You are going on your way up

Greater things are waiting for you and
Really you are on your way now
And there's a more in the future for you to do and your
Dad and your mom must be very proud of you
Use your talents well and be the best you can be, remember
All that you have done to get where you're now
This is not the end but it's just the beginning for you so
Inspire others you meet on your way out to ...

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Clicking Into You

Knowing you was good
Knowing you was bad.
Knowing you was both
That’s all I can add!

We can be sad or mad
Life is just like that.
Some are never glad
Saving gloom in a pad

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