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361. Spring Time Again ((Octaz-Rhyme) 7/20/2013
362. Spring Versus Summer 5/24/2007
363. Spring Versus Summer (Rhyme) 2/1/2015
364. Springtime (Tanka) 8/3/2013
365. Springtime Again (Lanturne Suit) 6/17/2014
366. Springtime Once Again (Lacharta) 6/17/2014
367. Stand And Shout (Balloon) 8/3/2013
368. Starting New (Double English Pensee) 6/17/2014
369. Still (Chant) 8/9/2014
370. Stress (George's Mirrored Hourglass) 7/20/2013
371. Summer Day (Tanaga) 7/18/2013
372. Summer Days (Triolet) 7/12/2013
373. Summer Is Fun (Linked) 7/20/2013
374. Summer Rainy Days (Trinet) 7/18/2013
375. Support (Free Style) 7/19/2013
376. Take Me Now (Free Style) 7/19/2013
377. Take Me Now 2 (Free Style) 7/19/2013
378. Taking Chances 8/3/2005
379. Taking Chances (Free Style) 7/19/2013
380. Tell Me You Care (Double Rondelet) 7/20/2013
381. Ten Little Frogs (Rhyming Couplets) 7/19/2013
382. Testing Times (Cross Of Salvation) 11/28/2009
383. Tests And Problems (Quatrain) 8/3/2013
384. Thank You (The Bell) 7/20/2013
385. Thank You Lord (Jesus Tears) 7/18/2013
386. Thank You Lord For A New Day (Nonet) 7/18/2013
387. Thank You.Thank You (Free Verse) 7/20/2013
388. Thanksgiving Day (Free Verse) 7/19/2013
389. Thanksgiving Day Again (Free Style) 7/19/2013
390. That's Why (Kyrielle) 7/20/2013
391. The Bee 5/24/2007
392. The Book (Short Story) 7/19/2013
393. The Boys Get In Trouble Again - Chapter 1 (Short Story) 7/19/2013
394. The Boys Get In Trouble Again- The Long Awaiting (Part 2) - Short Story 7/19/2013
395. The Chewing Gum(Free Style) 7/28/2013
396. The Clouds (Free Style Quatrain) 7/18/2013
397. The Clouds (Free Style Quatrains) 8/3/2013
398. The Days Just Go (Shape Poetry) 6/17/2014
399. The Frogs (Faux Limerick) 7/20/2013
400. The Gift (Free Style) 7/19/2013
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Mom, I miss your smiling face,
Your loving voice and embrace,
You are considerate and kind,
You're everyday in my mind

Dear mom, it's you I do miss,
I send you a hug and a kiss,
You give me your tender love,
Which comes from God above

I can't never thank you enough,
For all the love you've shown me,
Grateful for all the things,
Through the years you've giving me

Dear mom, I miss your loving face,
No other love can ever take your place!

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Sonnet – Books

I've always been so fascinated by books,
And since a child they have called me.
They contain magic no matter how they look.
In pursuit of knowledge they hold the key.

Books can be found-well- just about anywhere,
And we don't have to go lookin' far away.
Some are ordinary ones and some are rare!
Some give us wisdom and some take away!

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