Dilantha Gunawardana

Dilantha Gunawardana Poems

881. Where Truth Dwells 4/11/2014
882. Whispers From The Seabed 3/7/2013
883. White 4/13/2014
884. Who Owns The Flower On Grass? 4/12/2014
885. Why I Kiss My Wife... 10/16/2015
886. Why I Shave........(Ode To Making Out) 10/15/2015
887. Widower 8/20/2015
888. Wife 2/23/2016
889. Wife - A Tale Of Identity 9/17/2014
890. Wind Beneath My Sails 6/24/2013
891. Wind The Nymph 4/17/2014
892. Winston Smith 3/16/2014
893. Woman 3/7/2015
894. Woman (For International Women's Day) 3/8/2014
895. Woman 2 3/7/2015
896. Woman 3 3/8/2015
897. Woman 4 (Girl You Will Be A Woman Soon) 10/27/2015
898. Words Of Wisdom For The Rare Homo Sapiens 4/14/2015
899. Yellow 11/23/2012
900. Yester Heaven 7/16/2013
901. Your Blue Sea 9/26/2015
902. Your Spring My Love 4/22/2014
903. Yuletide 4/14/2014
Best Poem of Dilantha Gunawardana

Woman 3

Show me a woman
That can turn a man with her hips
In the artistry of burlesque and belly
Show me a woman
That can be filled with pancakes
And fill a size 16 dress
Show me a woman
Who can kiss you like spring
And color you like autumn
Show me a woman
That can hold you like a harbor
And scaffold your spirits with her hold
Show me a woman
That can collapse your knees
Even in the absence of a ring
Show me a woman
Who can wrench real tears
And soak a cotton handkerchief
Show me a woman
That can fill you and empty you
Like water to finite...

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My Cueen

In my crusade in the callus sands;
Coasting in the desserts of Africa
Below the crystal coating of Casablanca;
I came across an oasis;
In the center of Chad
A dwindling lake;
Cancer of the cells;
Blood that is......
Carnivorous, cultured, cultivated;

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