Treasure Island

Dilantha Gunawardana

Poems of Dilantha Gunawardana

461. Nostalgia of Saxophone Blues 11/3/2012
462. Not Just Another Kiss 1/28/2014
463. Nudity 4/18/2013
464. Ode To A Demi-God (Sachin Tendulkar) 12/1/2013
465. Ode To Narcissus 9/4/2014
466. Ode To Nerds 3/30/2013
467. Ode to Venus With A Million Lips 1/28/2014
468. Of Love And Beauty 7/10/2013
469. Of Mice and Men 3/7/2013
470. Oh Sweet Victoria 1/23/2013
471. Oh The Beauty Of Meadow Grass 6/28/2013
472. Oil Of Man 4/5/2013
473. On A Church Yard 4/24/2013
474. On Bended Knee 5/4/2014
475. On The Shadow Of Don Quixote 6/28/2013
476. Once 2/19/2013
477. Once Bitten Twice Shy 11/27/2012
478. One Hit Wonder 4/22/2014
479. One Night Stand 5/9/2014
480. Orange 1/30/2013

A Candid Portrait Of War

We are all vengeful creatures
Circulated by greed and flushed by pride
Blood that speaks in mother tongues
Screams of heritages and cradles fragmented maps
We see an eye to an eye, a throat to a throat, fear juxtaposed to fear
Never seeing their confluence in a broken kiss
We rarely see the center-field, the equilibrium
The other view, veiled by the incomprehensible
Walls that were erected in the shadow of Babel tower

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