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Deniz Atay

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Deniz Atay poet

- The first thing I'm looking for in a work of art is originality. It's about
seeing the unseen, catching things no other people caught before. This includes poetry.

- Imagination is probably the copilot of this work which is the helper of our focus. From time to time, writing becomes a habit, just like a food that gives us energy.

- My inspiration can be anything. Anything that interests me, anything that I have
thoughts about. Updates

When The Sun Sets

When the sun sets
Birds listen
To the sound of waves, -
Nature's unison
Men looks in daze
To the horizon
-To love's crescendo-
To the top, once more.
Sea gushes meanwhile,
Men looks second time;
How the birds hunt.
The sun ends the story;
Writes down to its diary...
Nature... quitens!

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