Treasure Island

Debanjan Dhar

[Thimpu] (14.6.1989 / Calcutta)

Poems of Debanjan Dhar

1. A Beat a Stone 7/4/2013
2. A Whiskey Nursery 4/6/2014
3. Birthday Wishes 7/3/2013
4. Blind Spot 7/3/2013
5. Burial 7/3/2013
6. Five Feet Ten 1/17/2014
7. Good Night 7/3/2013
8. I brought you a whine 12/12/2013
9. I Dont Have A Gun 7/3/2013
10. I Would Leave No Breadcrumbs In The Alleyway 3/20/2014
11. Jane Roe 7/5/2013
12. No one was home 7/3/2013
13. Red Night 7/3/2013
14. Roll On Over 1/17/2014
15. Rope Lady 7/3/2013
16. Songs from Silver Street 7/3/2013
17. The Golden of the Dark Lake 7/3/2013
18. The Sun Finds You 7/3/2013
19. Walk Away 7/3/2013

Birthday Wishes

I shall not be pushing a letter through the window.
Times are such I leave a wish wrapped in a shadow.
If your breath wills you may find it whispering by your tresses
Or hiding scared, yet longing to be found in your closet full of dresses.

It’s going to be a beautiful day until the end of time.
On such a day I put down a wish wrapped in rhyme.
I let it go so it finds you and softly pulls at your skirt.
I taught it to quietly tag along until you have a heart.

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