David Semenske

Rookie - -1 Points [Stephen Pyx] (9/17/58 / Milwaukee, Wi)

Poems of David Semenske

1. As the full moon glows 2/20/2014
2. Bay Views Rolling Mills 2/21/2014
3. Identity Crisis 3/16/2014
4. In the Fields of France 2/20/2014
5. Ode to the Legion 2/20/2014
6. Poor Marshall Ney 2/20/2014
7. The Castle 3/6/2014

As the full moon glows

The Moon beams full and bright
On this a warm summers night
As I gaze into your eyes

I see the blueness of the ocean
Filling me with emotion
Under starry skies

I feel your heartbeat next to mine
Beating in Perfect time
As I hold you close

To steal a kiss
A moment of bliss
As the full moon glows

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