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1. I Will. 8/14/2015
2. Falling For You. 8/14/2015
3. Wife. 8/14/2015
4. Here And Now. 8/14/2015
5. Psalm For A Troubled Heart. 8/15/2015
6. Us. 8/20/2015
7. Whenever I Am Far From You... 11/1/2015
8. Praise Poem 11/5/2015
9. Remember When... 11/29/2015
10. Follower Of God. 12/3/2015
11. Solitary Hiker. 12/7/2015
12. The Movers. 12/8/2015
13. Snow In Arizona 12/15/2015
14. New Year Transformation. 12/28/2015
15. The Edge. 8/22/2015
16. They Say 8/24/2015
17. Midnight Ride. 9/1/2015
18. Hidden Love. 9/6/2015
19. Until. 9/23/2015
20. Wishing. 1/26/2016
21. The Greatest Love. -new- 2/4/2016
22. The Greater Love. -new- 2/4/2016
23. Tomorrow's World. -new- 2/12/2016
24. Faded Dreams. 10/11/2015
25. New World 10/15/2015
26. Halloween Here's. 10/16/2015
27. A New Year? 1/3/2016
28. Searching For You. 8/21/2015
29. Secret Love. 8/18/2015
30. Boat Crazy. 8/14/2015
31. Will You? 1/7/2016
32. You Are Too Beautiful For Words... 10/9/2015
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You Are Too Beautiful For Words...

You are too beautiful for words,
which I try to capture in a song;
words just simply fail me,
I make them up as I go along.
You are the most important being in my life,
without Your truth, I cannot live;
I don't require much... to get by,
I only want to love and also, give.
Give my heart and soul to only You,
you know what to do, better that do I;
I used to work so hard to get ahead,
I used to wonder at it all and then ask why.
But You called to me and I was saved,
I gave my burdens to Your caring hands;
content to let You rule my days, ...

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Boat Crazy.

Give me a ship that has no rudder,
that has no compass for a guide;
just give me the sea to float upon,
and white-capped waves to ride.

Give me a morn that looks slate-gray,
with a somber, haunted look;
with some wind to push me forward,
and one good readable book.

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