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Poems of Dave BenOdafe

1. A Beacon of Hope 8/27/2011
2. A Hunted Hunter 12/18/2010
3. A Masterpiece. 10/3/2013
4. A New Order 8/17/2011
5. A Rose Amidst The Thorns! 3/7/2011
6. A Seeker 7/28/2012
7. A Sluggard 9/29/2013
8. Another Chance 10/1/2010
9. Anthem Of Life 3/3/2011
10. Apology 4/27/2012
11. Blessed By A Curse 2/22/2013
12. Blood Scar 2/16/2013
13. Can't Take That Away 4/27/2012
14. Come Away! 10/3/2013
15. Coming Back 6/19/2012
16. 'Cos You’re Gone 3/1/2011
17. Dangerous Beauty 7/6/2012
18. Death Be Not Proud 4/3/2012
19. 'Endless Melody' 3/5/2011
20. Ev'ryone's Got A Price 7/6/2012

My Dreams

We laid together skin to skin entwined in fierce passion.
Heart to heart, head to head, eye to eye in ecstatic dight.
Our lips lock’d In a wet kiss, my will to her cession.
Driven to yonder height,
Serenaded by the chords and notes of the serene night.
Bask’d in the envious stare of the starry stars,
The passion that quicken my heart to beat;
Salve my mind to behold the wondrous morrow.
Passion in my veins a liquid fire flows. Her heat,

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