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Biography of Dave BenOdafe

David is an Entrepreneur, a Social Entrepreneur, Author, Youth Counselor, Therapist, Poet, Life Coach, Social Critics, and Founder/CEO of Gr8 Myndz Associate, a Business Development/ Consultancy, Marketing and Career Training Outfit, which specializes in the training of young leaders of the 21st century. He is also the Founder/ Chairman of Ben - Odafe Sickle Cell Foundation (BOSCEF) , as a support group; to provide Care and Support for people born with Sickle Cell Disorder and their families, and to create awareness about the disorder.

He was born to the family of Mr. B. Odafe an Educationist with the Delta State government and Mrs. R. Odafe an Elementary school teacher, in the suburban city of Ughelli, Delta State, Nigerian.

He was diagnosed with a genetic disorder at a very tender age and bequeathed with an inferior endowment from nature, He realized he had to fight several battles of survival if he must survive his childhood. The poverty of his body kindled a passion for knowledge and endowed with an inquisitive mind, he began to inquire about Life, Purpose and Self. These questions led him in a search for answers, which he must find alone. That thirst gave birth to the odyssey for the discovery of self.

He was educated at the prestigious Government College Ughelli where he graduated with his O.Level in 1996. After then he embarked on a journey to discover self, which lasted for ten years. After his discovery of purpose, he began a process of self-development and taught himself the classics while studying the works of various writers from the genesis of civilization in many fields including literature, history, religion, philosophy, and political science then proceeded to the University Of Lagos Nigeria to study Psychology in 2007.

At a very tender age, he developed a passion for literature, a romance, which was brought about by his loneliness, resulting from his inability to join the other kids at play because of his frail and fragile health; he sought solace from the pages of literature. This passion for literature and inspired by his personal struggles, his gift of poetry and writing self development books was born.

He has a zeal for self development and the development of the full potentials of any member of the human race. He love to walk with the “stones which the builders rejected” to transform their lives and becoming the chief cornerstone. Like the biblical David, he has a talent of transforming lawless men to mighty men of valor. This passion let to his founding of Gr8 Myndz, which is a training outfit to develop the potentials of young leaders, and BOSCEF to increase the quality of life of people born with Sickle Cell Anemia.. Armed with the lessons and experiences he got from his struggles, it wasn’t long before he was sought after as a beacon of hope by everyone. His dream and life purpose is to inspire others to discover their life purpose, and equip, and empower them to fulfill that purpose.

Driven by his zeal for God and Love for humanity He became a volunteer youth advocate working with NGOs who are involved in youth advocacy and eventually setting up an NGO. He loved Reading, Listening to good Music, Watching Movies, Introspection, Taking Long Walks, Traveling and Writing and Poetry.

Dave BenOdafe's Works:

Principle-Driven Life

http: //www.delizonpublishers.com/shop/index.php? route=product/category&path=59

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Fairest! ! !

In my sleep last night, of your elegance,
Sublimity, charm ‘n' beauty I dream'd.
Was awaken by your pleasant fragrance,
That lingered around me.

Then I knew, each passing night thee more I miss'd.
Your presence the sunny graces I do enjoy.
Your absence my castle covered with a thick mist,
Oh! The sweet feeling of knowing you, me embrac'd…

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