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Danya Qattea Poems

1. The Mother Tree 11/11/2013
2. Safe Place 11/12/2013
3. Boy- Girl 11/13/2013
4. Wedding Day 11/13/2013
5. A Face At My Window 12/6/2013
6. Imperfection Is My Perfection 12/17/2013
7. Crossroads 11/20/2013
8. Late For School 11/24/2013
9. Harsh Words 2/26/2015
10. You Are Appreciated 6/15/2016
11. Hope For The Best 12/18/2013
12. Honey Moon 11/15/2013
13. Spaceless Dimension 11/18/2013
14. Staring At A White Wall 12/1/2013
15. Water Drops 5/16/2014
16. I Understand Why The Rose Weeps 1/1/2014
17. Smart 3/20/2015
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My nose was made to hold glasses,
my arms were made to hold books,
The clothes I wear are ones I like,
The classes I need I already took.
I am smart.

A nerd,
A genius,
A geek,
I do not talk or walk the same,
some even call me a freak.
I am smart.

I am tiny when compared to a jock,
and a silent face in a crowd,
you see, I don't talk.
And yet I am smart.
It is a gift they say.
It is an art.
And that's something everybody can do,
not just me or you.

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Boy- Girl

Nails bitten through nervous habit.
Children running as fast as a rabbit.
Children laughing through nervous joy.
Having stole a brand-new toy.

Perfectionist talking in excited tones.
Friend sighs over the phone.
Ballerina does a perfect swirl.
Ending with a little twirl.
Bows down.
A flashing pearl.

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