Connor Whyte

Freshman - 570 Points (March,30th,1993 / Montana)

Connor Whyte Poems

1. Love 1/30/2012
2. The Beast Within 1/31/2012
3. Life. To You Mother 1/31/2012
4. Make Things Right 2/3/2012
5. Who I Am 2/3/2012
6. The Cold Heart 3/23/2012
7. Hopeless 3/23/2012
8. No Reason Anymore 3/28/2012
9. Birthday I Wish Would Never Come 3/29/2012
10. Valentines Day 2/14/2012
11. A Monster And A Revolver 2/22/2012
12. Gutless Pig 4/5/2012
13. This Curse 5/13/2012
14. Dropping This Heat 5/13/2012
15. The Edge Is Near 6/11/2012
16. Toxic 6/12/2012
17. Truth That Hides 11/22/2012
18. Sense Of Duty 1/4/2013
19. Growing 10/17/2013
20. A Step Forward 1/27/2016
21. The Reaper 3/14/2016
22. Toxic Hollow And Gothic 6/29/2016
23. Prince Of Darkness 7/1/2012
24. A Soldiers Lullaby 8/14/2012
25. Lies 3/20/2012
26. Never Forgotten 4/28/2012
27. The Riders 6/29/2012
28. Evil That Dwells Within 2/9/2012
29. Caroline 3/19/2012
30. Lose Yourself In Music, Feel The Flow 2/5/2012
31. As I Lay Dying 4/1/2012
32. Human Condition 1/5/2013
Best Poem of Connor Whyte

Human Condition

I let the man that stands before me speak, I listen to his words and listen tell he begins to bleed, tell the floor is covered in his liquid and his embrace on life slips falling to his knees he begins to choke, Choking on his own words as the blood spills from his mouth as his lies begin to kill him eating him inside out, tell there is nothing but a pile of clothes soaking in his blood.

My head begins to throb as I listen to the woman who stands before me, yelling at my mistakes and pointing a finger at my defeats I watch every movement she makes every step she paces, I tune out the ...

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Life. To You Mother

I have come to find myself through all these long years and with all the shed tears and with the anger I covered myself in to drown out reality and bringing up my insecurity.

I have found that I am here for A reason to find all the great things I can in this world from a person who has greatly impacted me and brought the good out in me giving me life and reason to live. I have found that their is hope and it is been in front of me for a long time but was only a shadow when I was busy fight e

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