Connor Whyte

Rookie - 42 Points (March,30th,1993 / Montana)

Connor Whyte Poems

1. Valentines Day 2/14/2012
2. Gutless Pig 4/5/2012
3. This Curse 5/13/2012
4. Sense Of Duty 1/4/2013
5. No Reason Anymore 3/28/2012
6. Life. To You Mother 1/31/2012
7. The Riders 6/29/2012
8. The Edge Is Near 6/11/2012
9. Toxic 6/12/2012
10. Truth That Hides 11/22/2012
11. The Beast Within 1/31/2012
12. Birthday I Wish Would Never Come 3/29/2012
13. Hopeless 3/23/2012
14. Make Things Right 2/3/2012
15. Girl By Knowmads 11/23/2012
16. The Cold Heart 3/23/2012
17. Prince Of Darkness 7/1/2012
18. Who I Am 2/3/2012
19. Lose Yourself In Music, Feel The Flow 2/5/2012
20. Never Forgotten 4/28/2012
21. A Monster And A Revolver 2/22/2012
22. Evil That Dwells Within 2/9/2012
23. Dropping This Heat 5/13/2012
24. A Soldiers Lullaby 8/14/2012
25. Growing 10/17/2013
26. Human Condition 1/5/2013
27. Love 1/30/2012
28. Caroline 3/19/2012
29. Lies 3/20/2012
30. As I Lay Dying 4/1/2012
Best Poem of Connor Whyte

As I Lay Dying

As I lay dying I breath my final Breaths, My last dying breath I call to you, I call to you in confusion, I am not what people think I am, I use this body as A disguise, My dreams are my cover to my confusion, I try and push my dreams down but it is just a replay of the things that I have done wrong.

This substance I take to erase my thoughts are fading and to which I have grown used to, Use to the feeling, I am numb and my words seem untrue, Which is real I do not know, Is this life I am living just another excuse to fail, I have fallen we have all fallen, I push the meaning of ...

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Life. To You Mother

I have come to find myself through all these long years and with all the shed tears and with the anger I covered myself in to drown out reality and bringing up my insecurity.

I have found that I am here for A reason to find all the great things I can in this world from a person who has greatly impacted me and brought the good out in me giving me life and reason to live. I have found that their is hope and it is been in front of me for a long time but was only a shadow when I was busy fight e

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