Clove Beatty

Clove Beatty Poems

1. The Game Of Life And Death 5/12/2012
2. Without Fear 7/31/2012
3. Rainbow 7/31/2012
4. Alone 3/7/2013
5. A Dream 3/25/2013
6. My Mind 3/26/2013
7. Love, Hate And Pain 4/2/2013
8. Fire And I 4/19/2013
9. Black Hearts 4/28/2013
10. Risk 5/13/2013
11. Wonderland 10/29/2013
12. Untitled 11/23/2014
13. Last Yesterday 3/27/2013
14. The Never-Ending February 9/2/2013
15. Love And War 5/14/2013
16. The Light That Remains 10/30/2013
Best Poem of Clove Beatty

The Light That Remains

A long dark road awaits you
And darkens with time
Much light may accompany you at the starting line
But as you run on it fades
Your path Dims
But one light remains

You run on
Many of those whom you started with
Long since disappeared
Many lights continue to fade
But one light still remains

You have run too far
And much too long
You are out of breath
You are alone
All lights are gone
But one light remains

You veer off the path
And go to investigate the lone light
This light brings you to God, your savior

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Without Fear

When all is silent
Does that mean no one's listening?
If so, why don't I speak my mind?
Why can't I speak my mind?
Without fear
Without regret
If no one is listening why am I so afraid?
I shouldn't be
But I know why I am
You shouldn't be afriad
Be braver than me

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