Treasure Island

Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis

[C. J. Dennis] (7 September 1876 - 22 June 1938 / Auburn, South Australia)

Poems of Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis

21. A Fair Spin 9/1/2012
22. A Fair Warning 8/29/2012
23. A Few Lines to Beauty 9/1/2012
24. A Few Remarks on Goats, Asses and the Dead Hand 9/4/2012
25. A Forest Scene 8/30/2012
26. A Freak of Spring 9/3/2012
27. 'A Gallant Gentleman' 9/3/2012
28. A Guide for Poits 3/21/2012
29. A Haven Marred 8/31/2012
30. A Holy War 9/3/2012
31. A Hymn Of Heat 8/28/2012
32. A Land Shanty 8/31/2012
33. A Letter From England 8/30/2012
34. A Letter to the Front 3/21/2012
35. A Likely Lad 8/30/2012
36. A Lonely Man 9/1/2012
37. A Love Letter 9/1/2012
38. A Love Song 9/3/2012
39. A Matter Of Degree 9/5/2012
40. A Matter Of Privacy 8/29/2012

The Long Road Home

When I go back from Billy's place I always have to roam
The mazy road, the crazy road that leads the long way home.
Ma always says, "Why don't you come through Mr Donkin's land?
The footbridge track will bring you back." Ma doesn't understand.
I cannot go that way, you know, because of Donkin's dog;
So I set forth and travel north,, and cross the fallen log.

Last week, when I was coming by, that log had lizards in it;
And you can't say I stop to play if I just search a minute.

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