Cierrah Smiles

Biography of Cierrah Smiles

Things in this world don't always go the way you want,
People in this world will judge you no matter if your pretty smart dumb 'popular', no matter who you are or what you do things won't always go the way you want. Just be your self. Except yourself. And except the world an take it by the fullest Updates

Ocean Breeze

Think of a place that uses all your scenes,
The place were you can smell underwater conversations from miles on end,
The place were you can lye a blanket down and toast till crisp,
It keeps whats great in side its boundary so only faithful,
Pure heart souls may see them,
You close your eyes take a deep breath and just listen,
Listen to the thundering waves crash against the shoreline,
Listen to the winged creature that sores the sky making ever human that their food will be his som

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