Chidiebere Ikechukwu Anigbogu

Biography of Chidiebere Ikechukwu Anigbogu

I am Philosophy student in the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) .
I have many unpublished poems. Poems of Love, friendship, courage, injustice, beauty, etc.
I am a lover of poetic rhymes. Interacting with my fellow literary minds has always been a pleasure that comes once in a while. This is not because of anything except that good things are not common.
There is always room for constructive criticism of my works.
Thanks. Updates

Beauty's Life

Just like roses
Humanly beauty poses
Blooming and dazzling in the cool breeze
Like when at a cobweb we sneeze

Standing not in the way of strong wind
So can beauty not stand harsh a deed
Beauty to age is inconsiderable
Yet, between them existence is amicable

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