Cherret Leakey

Cherret Leakey Poems

1. Out Of Impulse 9/4/2012
2. Let's Find Truce 9/6/2012
3. A Portrait 9/5/2012
4. The Higher Power 9/13/2012
5. Ooh But I Wanna Study Abroad! ! 6/15/2013
6. Life Dies, So Is Romance 10/14/2014
7. Sensitive To 11/7/2014
8. My Hand 11/10/2014
9. Girl 12/15/2014
10. Workers On Strike 9/7/2012
11. Spite 9/15/2012
12. A Poet's Prayer 9/2/2012
13. Texting 9/21/2013
14. How Curious? 9/12/2012
15. Growth Of A Poet 9/3/2012
16. Dear Little Secret 9/8/2012
17. My Dad Was 10/16/2013
18. Write Down. 9/10/2013
Best Poem of Cherret Leakey

Write Down.

You dream of something?
Wow that is great then.
Another step forward is this-
Get up
and go for a pen.
Draft the content of your dream
and print the blueprints
before the dream drifts away.
Don't let it fade with the day,
Secure it today.
This way,
Your dream will make pay-
some day-
When your dream is actually *actionized.

*actionaized-coined from the word 'act'

By Cherret Leakey.

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Let's Find Truce

If i falt you, then let's find truce
Avoidance is no solution
For it doesn't work by dilution
Of the problem at hand,
But concentrating it more.

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