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Cambridge Keenan

Rookie (Ontario, Canada)

Poems of Cambridge Keenan

1. A Heart On Ice 7/13/2013
2. A Note to Myself 7/13/2013
3. A Test 11/21/2013
4. A Treasured Gift 7/14/2013
5. A UNIVERSAL WONDER 10/20/2013
6. Another Type of War. amother yellow ribbon 10/21/2013
7. Baby I'm Amazed By You 7/11/2013
8. Beautiful Soul, Beautiful Poet 11/24/2013
9. Beauty For Ashes 7/10/2013
10. Belly Dancer 10/21/2013
11. Broken Arrows In My Quiver 7/10/2013
12. But God I Really Love Him 7/11/2013
13. Come To Me 7/10/2013
14. Come To Me Winter Grace 7/10/2013
15. DEAR GRAMMA 10/21/2013
16. Every Day You Sought Me Out 7/11/2013
17. Fantasy Soap 10/21/2013
18. FOR ALL MY CHIDREN 10/20/2013
19. God Sent A Blue Rose Of Grief 7/10/2013
20. Golden Opinion 7/10/2013

Riveting Ruckus

Riveting Ruckus, Wonder of the night, Darling by day, My True delight,

Maestro of Words, Weaver of dreams, Pregnant with majesty, Birthing my screams.

Riding it high, Gallant with speed, Pulsing and throbbing, Poured forth on bronze steed.

Sword in hand, You paving the path, At Thundering waters, You'll Toss your wrath.

A penny a thought, Two cents perhaps? Writing a storyOf time now gone lapse?

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