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Well im not fairly new to the writing poems obviously. ive been doing it for quite some time. my poems are basically about what im feeling or things from my past. i usually write when im feeling strong about something or when i get inspired from my muse haha who ironically is my best friend, my lover. =) before i met her, my poems were usually about someone who basically screwed me over so i made a point in taking my frustrations out on my poems, which in turn made them fairly dark in nature but now they arent! ! thankfully haha <3 i dont think i make a good miserable person anyways because i make everyone around me sad if i am and thats just not good when all i want to do is make everyone around me happy! Updates

Find Me

i need help with finding myself
i dont like the new me
im losing the people i love
slowly but surely they will all be gone

it'll be all my fault
because i cant change back
the time to my happy self
im someone i dont want to be

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