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Bishnu Dey

(1909-1982 / Calcutta, Bengal Presidency, British India)

Poems of Bishnu Dey

1. A Kafi 12/24/2013
2. Already a farewell song 12/24/2013
3. Aspiration 12/24/2013
4. Bad times 12/24/2013
5. Expatriate 12/24/2013
6. I also 12/24/2013
7. In my mind there's no tiredness at all 12/24/2013
8. On 14th August 12/24/2013
9. Smritti Shatta Bhabishyat 12/24/2013
10. The Alien 12/24/2013
11. Urboshi 12/24/2013


There are forests on either side,
in the middle a glistening path twists and turns
dancing to the rhythm of nature.
From time to time eyes glow in the dark
and little rabbits dance and jump around.

Amidst the palash bushes on the round hillock
I have seen wild peacocks dance
in sudden delight.

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