Bishnu Dey

(1909-1982 / Calcutta, Bengal Presidency, British India)

Bishnu Dey Poems

1. Smritti Shatta Bhabishyat 12/24/2013
2. Urboshi 12/24/2013
3. On 14th August 12/24/2013
4. Bad times 12/24/2013
5. In my mind there's no tiredness at all 12/24/2013
6. The Alien 12/24/2013
7. Aspiration 12/24/2013
8. A Kafi 12/24/2013
9. Already a farewell song 12/24/2013
10. Expatriate 12/24/2013
11. I also 12/24/2013


I am not your Pururoba! Hey, Urboshi,
A realm I erected here at mortal Aloka
Ephemeral, no doubt, inspired by my senses.
Come; won't you join me here?
Unfurling the enthrallment the Kodombo offers.
Stay a while there,
The endless invitations your physique offers.
Bereft of time - won't you stay a while,
In the fleeting moment of mirth

[Hata Bildir]