Bishnu Dey

(1909-1982 / Calcutta, Bengal Presidency, British India)

Bishnu Dey Poems

1. Smritti Shatta Bhabishyat 12/24/2013
2. Urboshi 12/24/2013
3. A Kafi 12/24/2013
4. The Alien 12/24/2013
5. In my mind there's no tiredness at all 12/24/2013
6. Bad times 12/24/2013
7. On 14th August 12/24/2013
8. Already a farewell song 12/24/2013
9. Aspiration 12/24/2013
10. Expatriate 12/24/2013
11. I also 12/24/2013

A Kafi

'Forests, trees, rocks and hills give me joy that my mind yearns for.
Each tree in the village speaks to me, it tells me, pure! complete!'

My mind too, escapes in late spring
to the branches of mango and palash trees
and relaxes in contentment for a couple of hours
in the young green and middle-aged reds of fields,
after all, all men are debtors to the earth.

[Hata Bildir]