Bikramjyoti Kashyop

Rookie (5 -8-1989 / sivsagar)

Bikramjyoti Kashyop Poems

1. I'M Sorry Dear 9/7/2011
2. In My Arms, In My Heart 9/9/2011
3. True Love 9/9/2011
4. Lost 9/9/2011
5. Life Word 9/16/2011
6. Romantic Lie 9/16/2011
7. Listen To Me Baby 11/19/2011
8. Search Party 11/29/2011
9. Valentine Poem 1/25/2012
10. My Feelings 1/25/2012
11. I'Ve Been Caught 3/26/2012
12. Faces Of Love 8/21/2012
13. Without Love 8/21/2012
14. Death Is Only The Beginning 7/5/2012
15. Pain And Love 8/21/2012
16. What I Love About You 9/19/2012
17. Key To My Heart 3/26/2012
18. Time 7/5/2012
19. If You Would Be My Valentine 1/25/2012
20. Respect 11/29/2011
21. In A Need Of A Friend 11/29/2011
22. My Heart... What Happened? 10/14/2011
23. Your Love 9/8/2011
24. You'Re Never Alone 9/30/2011
25. The Wrong Suicide 11/29/2011
26. Love 1/9/2012
27. Girl In My Mirror 7/5/2012
28. I Believe 8/21/2012
29. My Mom Sets The Table 8/21/2012
30. What Is Love 8/21/2012
31. A Mood Romantic In Nature! 8/21/2012
32. She Was Perfect I Remember In Her Body, Mind And Soul 11/1/2011
33. You Are The Song Of My Life 9/8/2011
34. Valentine Memories 1/31/2013
35. I Trust In Jesus 3/18/2012
36. You Touched My Heart 1/25/2012
37. You Never Be Lonely 11/1/2011
38. Sleep Oh Blessed Sleep 11/1/2011
39. A Special World 9/19/2012
40. A Mother 8/21/2012
Best Poem of Bikramjyoti Kashyop

Hope Your Happy

I hope your happy with your life
I hope your happy with your wife
I hope you see what you have done
I hope you see that this is all wrong

I hope you realise that your not perfect
I hope you see that money's not worth it
I hope you realise that family comes first
I hope you see that my smile was rehearsed

I hope you see that your tearing me apart
I hope you someday grow a heart
I hope someday I will want to see you
I hope someday I wont have to see you

I hope you suffer, but I dont want that
I hope you die, but I dont mean that
I hope ...

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How Much I Love You

When I gaze in rapturous admiration
At your perfection and beauty
And stare in wonder and longing
At your swaying, feline grace,
Oh, how it is better to remain silent
Than attempt in total futility
To describe the awe I feel
About matters that speech is incompetent to express
Or strive to convey in vain my wondrous elation,

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