Ben Paynter

Freshman - 713 Points (Midwest)

Ben Paynter Poems

1. A Statue's Dream 12/1/2005
2. Fleeting Time 12/1/2005
3. Only Ashes Are Completed 1/1/2006
4. Dance Quickly Now 1/30/2006
5. When All Is Said And Done 2/14/2006
6. When Those Days Come 4/2/2006
7. And The Sun Slept On 4/11/2006
8. Grandfather's Advice 6/8/2006
9. Little Milly 6/15/2006
10. Left With The Night And The Known 6/23/2006
11. Miles From The Moon 6/28/2006
12. Create Me A World 7/6/2006
13. On The Eve Of A Storm And A Love 7/11/2006
14. I Shot A Bird With An Arrow Once 7/13/2006
15. This Life Thing 8/20/2006
16. This Love That Lies One Sided 9/11/2006
17. A Blueprint Of How It Was 9/19/2006
18. On A Thief 9/24/2006
19. In Ice Lies Fire 9/26/2006
20. A Night Spent Unalone 9/27/2006
21. And We Watched As The Moon Turned To Stone 9/30/2006
22. If Forever Had A Face 9/30/2006
23. Said The Sparrow To The Night 10/9/2006
24. Forgive The Little Things 10/20/2006
25. The Will Of A Lover 10/20/2006
26. For The Little Boy Who Makes Me Feel Old 10/25/2006
27. All My Pen Ever Says 10/26/2006
28. What Morning Holds 10/31/2006
29. I'Ll Let The Winter Blow 10/31/2006
30. Arduous 11/3/2006
31. But When The Flames Of Fires Touch Your Eyes 11/14/2006
32. Maybe In Some Far And Foreign Field 11/15/2006
33. Last Night She Dreamed A Crumpled Little Cloud 11/19/2006
34. Z 11/20/2006
35. No Need To Shiver Now The Storms Have Left 11/21/2006
36. I Cannot Write When All Is Well 11/25/2006
37. Said I To The Girl With Midnight Eyes 11/27/2006
38. I Think Only God Is Honest 11/29/2006
39. Tonight I Think Ill Let The Winter Take Me 12/4/2006
40. Where The Cracks In The Stonework Deftly Meet 12/12/2006
Best Poem of Ben Paynter

Fleeting Time

The night it came,
and I came too
Like falling rain
or morning dew
And slipping down
I found a seat
To set and rest
my weary feet;
The chair it rocked
and as I sat
The ticking clock
went forth and back
The silence came
and listening I
Played at this game
with noisy lies;
Until the time
in circling round
Wasted this life
without a sound

Protesting I,
rose from the chair
With but a sigh
to rend the air
But not a word
from mouth did come
No silver truth
from rusting tongue;
No say had I,
in ...

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A Statue's Dream

I walked a street I’d walked before
a road that led to home
and watched a lonesome bystander
who’s face was hard as stone
impassively he gazed at me
and I stared back at him
and saw the answers dancing there
along with aging sin
I asked him, “Please where have you gone,

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