Bellaina Bella Hernandez

Rookie (4-17-1994 / California)

Biography of Bellaina Bella Hernandez

Teen age girl... been writing poems for 6 years now. Trying new techinques, not all my poems are the same way.
Poems that i make are of Love, Death, Depressions, and some hints to hate, questioning religion and love, cutting, blood.

I Loved and lost. And for that I will never be the same. My atmosphere is filled with love from my friends. But I with constant rejection. Which I know is fair to them. But in fear for being unworthy again is what keeps me away from who I use to be.

I am sorry I haven't posted any new poems. just been busy lately. but I do a few new poems hope you guys like :)
Also if you have facebook. please do like my page Spoken in Silence.
I been posting my poems in my page :) if you like my poetry, then do like the page. I also have other people that post their poetry as well.

Bellaina Bella Hernandez's Works:

none yet but hopefully real soon. Believe my poems relate to everyone in one way and i would like to share them to the world if possible. Updates

Tell Me!

Tell me now, tell me forever
Do you truely love me?
Will we always be together?
Is our love so true?
Or only something for us to do?
My love for you, no one can replace
hold you in my heart in a special area
where no one can come in and take
Tell Me Please, Now would be better than later

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