Bazi alis Subrata Ray

Veteran Poet - 1,469 Points (January / Formerly East Pahistan)

Bazi alis Subrata Ray Poems

81. Children And Their Immortal Shelter. 2/4/2012
82. Christ’s Birth Day Is Mystic With Mystic Mirth. The Creator Himself Comes Among Us, From Age To Age Of His Creations, He Sows Divine Seed, Fosters, And Cultures, And Through 12/25/2011
83. Christmas Prayer To Lord Christ. 12/25/2011
84. Civilization, -The Tattered Cloth Of Self Destruction, 4/10/2011
85. Colored Clips. By Ray Subrata 5/3/2011
86. Confession Of Love. By Ray Subrata 6/11/2011
87. Cosmos Thrilling Madness, -My Empress! To Loveangel Dean, -A Token Of Friendship. 4/16/2011
88. Dakshineswar, -The Holiest Place Of God's Incarnation. 2/2/2013
89. Darling Sorrow Nectar 3/5/2011
90. Deconstructed Love In Poetry. 10/24/2013
91. Deconstruction Of Determinism 10/25/2013
92. Dejected Loneliness On Time’s Shore 3/7/2011
93. Destination 4/20/2013
94. Devotional Frenzy 6/5/2012
95. -divine Love As Receipt-Ant, -To My Spirit Sister, -Sandra Mccormack. 3/5/2011
96. Divine Touchstone 3/3/2011
97. Does The Woman Love Her Man? 4/11/2013
98. Doped Dolls Rise And Fall. 4/11/2011
99. Dream And Reality. 3/19/2011
100. Dream And Super Conscious Reality 12/17/2012
101. Dream In A Dream 10/14/2011
102. Emancipation. 2/2/2015
103. Empathy And Sympathy. 3/22/2011
104. Emptiness 3/3/2011
105. Emptiness. By Ray Subrata 6/11/2011
106. Eye Irony 4/23/2011
107. Face Gallery In The Face Book. 5/31/2011
108. Fading The Bar. 10/18/2011
109. Faith Polygamy. By Ray Subrata 5/3/2011
110. Falling In Love's Well. 11/24/2013
111. Fidelity Is Lost! 10/27/2011
112. Fool Is The Yes-Man Who Does Not Change His Nature 3/22/2011
113. For Her Virtue, -Jan Mike Schwartz. 3/19/2013
114. For That Love. 8/24/2012
115. For You My Deluge Evokes One Word 3/3/2011
116. For You My Deluge Evokes One Word. 3/5/2011
117. For Your Love I Need An Ever Burning Hearth. 3/3/2011
118. Forbidden Seasons 3/3/2011
119. From A Son To His Divine Mother(Saroda) 10/23/2014
120. From A Vagabond To A Poet. 3/16/2015
Best Poem of Bazi alis Subrata Ray

Love For The Beloved.

Long before the clicking of time-clock,
When memory had no advent,
Your abstract image planted its reflection,
In the all mirrored prism of my soul.

I had many a query and musing,
On the occasional projections,
And silently condensed forms and figures,
Like the recovery of oblivious dreams.

In temple, church and caves, the same image,
The same exploration, more in wretched and outcast,
Had an impelling sway as if a drop of water holds thousand oceans,

Like the ardent cry of an widow damsel,
For a promised off-sea captain,
Or the ...

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Forbidden Seasons

No change shared she,
Spring passed like wave,
Rains flood had no impact,
Autumns though set on her body,
And winter’s cold, proved bold,
Ever young, though without old.

I am hers and she is mine,
Nature and Time never shine,

[Hata Bildir]