Bazi alis Subrata Ray

Silver Star - 3,764 Points (January / Formerly East Pahistan)

Bazi alis Subrata Ray Poems

721. The Withering Dismay. 5/4/2013
722. The Withering Girl. 7/18/2013
723. The Withering Wellness. 4/13/2015
724. The World Might Not Have Been Like These, 6/11/2016
725. The World Of Arpita. 3/14/2013
726. The Yesterday's Yawn. 8/21/2012
727. There Was A Nun. 11/13/2012
728. Theresa Andres Hermita. 1/20/2015
729. These Smiles 6/24/2014
730. Thoughtless Suspension. 8/4/2013
731. Thoughtless Thoughts’ Farming Lust. 3/3/2011
732. Time Fridged Silence And Noisy Gaps. 3/11/2011
733. Time Table Is As The Time Goes. 3/31/2011
734. To Her Baby Ox 9/18/2011
735. To Jan Mielke Schwartz, -The Spiritual Soul 10/19/2013
736. To Loving Partha Sarothi -A Token Of Love. 10/23/2014
737. To Mac Adrone Adonay 3/9/2014
738. To Makbul Fida Hussein, At His Demise. By Ray Subrata 6/12/2011
739. To Marian Haddad, -A Token Of Friendship. 1/25/2015
740. To My Beauteous Friend Marian Haddad, 4/8/2011
741. To My Dearest Husband. 1/11/2015
742. To My Friends, -Birth Day Greetings. 1/26/2014
743. To My Great Spiritual Master, - 9/7/2014
744. To My Mistress. 5/7/2012
745. To The Lotus Feet Of Mahapurush Maharaj (Swami Shivananda) 4/23/2011
746. To Thomas Hardy 12/9/2012
747. Tragic Hero And Saint. 3/5/2011
748. Transient Permanence 2/4/2012
749. True Education’s Prize. 5/1/2013
750. True Friendship 8/9/2013
751. True Friendship 10/24/2011
752. Voyage Through Spiritual Paradise 6/23/2013
753. Waited Dawn Shifts To Lonely Noon. 3/25/2011
754. Wander-Waiting Arpita Samanta 10/4/2012
755. We Are All Assured That State. 3/7/2011
756. Well By The By, -By Ray Subrata 6/11/2011
757. What Happens When The Subtle Body Gets Separated From The Gross One? 3/5/2011
758. What I Felt In My Darling I Can’t Tell 5/31/2011
759. What Is Love? 5/31/2014
760. What Ought To Have Been My Poem. 1/16/2016
Best Poem of Bazi alis Subrata Ray

True Education’s Prize.

Do you think? ‘I don’t deserve!
I have stung ministers and big brothers,
In my art evoking body’s harp,
Yes, yes, I do deserve!
Since the days of university,
My geography creates history,
Under my cover I hold romantic stories,

Why heart? But witty beguile,
Ah! Yes I have stamps and seals,
I stand gate-way for so many deals,
I can speak fluent,
From moment to moment I can bend,
Fairy honey-pigs I can arrange,
I myself a poetry with grapes and orange.

Be not jealous and envious of my fame,
I am a step for their democratic ...

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Divine Touchstone

O Lord touch us with your Divine Touchstone,
Free us from mind’s disease, and morbid moan,
While in Naught’s garden we seek illusion’s fruits,
Pray you to convert our evils into hood,
Be kind enough to spoil our coveted happiness,
Curse that may appear, but that’s the ultimate bliss.

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