Treasure Island

Avinash Nair


Poems of Avinash Nair

1. Desire 7/11/2014
2. Existence 6/9/2013
3. How should I Define My Woe? 12/24/2013
4. I Bargained for Happiness -new- 9/9/2014
5. Kiss 3/4/2014
6. Parting Ways 12/22/2013
7. Sound of Silence 6/9/2013
8. The Beggar 10/22/2013
9. The Enigma of My Mind 11/26/2013
10. The Mother & The Son 3/29/2014
11. The Way of the Life 6/29/2014
12. The Woman 6/11/2013

The Enigma of My Mind

The subtle loneliness that hath,
Built its walls were crumbling,
As I ventured into that path
Of needs and belonging.
Those harsh realities were
Mellowed by sparks of care,
And those unspoken fears
Doused by happy tears.
But now the question that troubles me is
Will this be a long lived bliss?

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