Treasure Island

Aufie Zophy

(18 October 1964)

Biography of Aufie Zophy

My name is Hans VR (reflectionsbyhans.blogspot)
I am living in Malaysia and love to read a bit of life's philosophy. Just trying to express some of the thoughts in a melodious way.
I chose the author name of Aufie, which is a contraction of auto and fiets, Flemish for car and bicycle. How I came to this author name is a long story.
My blog is found by googling reflectionsbyhans.blogspot

To our amazing Creator

Our Amazing Creator, so full of Grace,
So full of Forgiveness and Fatherly Traits
Lots of Praise and lots of Thanks we give
For this Wonderful World and the Fact that we Live.

We dream of Your Kingdom
Somehow It will come
Somewhere in the World or high in the Sky
We will see Its full Glory after we die.

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