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(Hyderabad, AP, India)

Poems of AtreyaSarma Uppaluri

1. A Boozing Paradox 5/15/2009
2. A Housewife Supplicates 3/29/2009
3. A Litany For Brittany 12/22/2009
4. A Made For Each Other Couple 3/26/2009
5. A Politico Speaks Out (A Dramatic Monologue) 5/30/2009
6. A Riot Of Colours! 10/15/2009
7. A Spectacular Event! 9/24/2009
8. A Tryst with the Terrorist 3/25/2009
9. An Ode To Papad 4/18/2009
10. Baby Relativity 10/15/2009
11. Beloved, Get Well Soon 12/24/2009
12. Bipasha In A Sari! 5/30/2009
13. Blood Has Its Colours 3/25/2009
14. Breezy Gal 10/7/2009
15. Bull’s Eye 5/15/2009
16. Cell Phone 3/26/2009
17. Cerulean Chiaroscuro 9/24/2009
18. Child (Double Tetractys) 9/24/2009
19. Cinquain 9/24/2009
20. Cloud’s Sibling 7/19/2009


Sankranthi or ‘Sun’kranthi (the way I prefer it) or Makara Sankranthi is a major Hindu festival marking the transition of Sun into Capricorn and occurs in mid January, about 21 days after the tropical Winter Solstice. It’s a festival of farmers and of harvest and of their cattle, of increased human activity and enlightenment. The goddess of wealth, Maha Lakshmi is invoked, among others. Lot of fun and frolic is associated, with children loving to play their kites, and girls

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