Anthony Di'anno

Freshman - 2,096 Points (Yorkshire)

Anthony Di'anno Poems

1. Ode To A Blade Of Grass 3/10/2014
2. Her 10/5/2013
3. One Simple Question. 8/8/2013
4. People Come 9/23/2013
5. It Haunts Me Still 2/26/2014
6. A Day at The Coast (Painted) 10/23/2013
7. Sunrise Sunset (Painted) 10/4/2013
8. Absent Friend 12/6/2013
9. Now That I Am Dead 2/7/2015
10. Darling 1/30/2015
11. Dear Robin 2/20/2013
12. Hail! The Coming Year 12/27/2014
13. I Am Going To Be A Poet 3/18/2014
14. Emerald Waters (Circle Complete) 8/24/2014
15. Should You Chance Upon This Heavy Heart 3/19/2014
16. Whispering Paper 4/24/2013
17. Growing Light 6/21/2013
18. Yes I Did Call You Thing 2/13/2015
19. Middle Aged Disappointment In The 21st Century 2/6/2015
20. Where Are You? 3/24/2013

To The Rattle

Contained, nay confined, within the walls of this leathery heart of mine wrestles a love divine.
A nemesis that thunders around my bower.
Seeping through the crack where rhyme fails to connect with reason. It yearns.
Oh how it yearns to be free of this prison it so despises.
It bleeds such a sorrowful song along the haunted corridors where mawkish crows enter into noisy debate with careful doves.
It pumps my heart.
It aches.
It hurts.
It loves.

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