Anthony Di'anno

Silver Star - 3,245 Points (Yorkshire)

Biography of Anthony Di'anno

Anthony Di'anno poet

Anthony Di'anno was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire into a run down one up one down terraced house with an outside toilet, two impoverished parents, a shivering sister and a bucket already waiting. He lived and played there among bright multicultured cobblestones through the sixties.

Through the seventies he lived in a three bedroomed semi detached council house on an estate that backed onto woods and a working quarry. His parents were hard working and his sister had stopped shivering. By the end of that decade another sister and brother had been added to the mix. Not only did Anthony have a garden, streets, woods and a quarry to explore there were also girls, two paper rounds, a Saturday job, several packs of angry dogs and a violent peadophile.

Come the eighties Anthony had two sons and a wife. He had also joined the army. By the end of the eighties he had lost his wife and sons, his shivering sister had died, he had discovered alcohol and was now homeless.

During the nineties Anthony rebuilt and destroyed his life several times.

He has spent the last fourteen years living with his third wife, peacefully, contentedly on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors National Park. They are outdoor people who keep themselves to themselves.

Anthony believes that empathy will save the world and hopes to be a poet one day.


Arid experience can scorch a heart.
Burning embers define a passion.
Cretaceous courage fall apart.
Destiny deliver over bridges ashen.

Elysium beckons for the brave.
Frangible as such hope may be.
Galahad has been a slave.
Heteromorphism a patient's key.

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