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(North Yorkshire)

Biography of Anthony Di'anno

Anthony Di'anno poet

Grrrrr, I am going to be a poet,

Apostrophy's haunt me.

As do the commas,

The council house grammar school,

The limits in vocabulary.

Still I am going to be a poet.

Regardless of the well fertilised soil my words have grown in,


I am going to be a poet.

Not so that I may write great tomes to vanity's muse.

Nor to knock on doors seeking her vote.

Merely so that I may share words that have grown,

In worlds I have known,

True to their right.

In their true light,

I am going to be a poet,

My interpret heart,

Out in the open,

Fearless and free,

I am going to be more than this poet,

I am going to be all that is me.

First I must learn how to read.

Emerald Waters

Emerald waters haunt my dreams of late.

Ancient oak hold spring deep within their bough.

Dappled sunbeams chalk crystal streams awake.

Young summer winds tease hare and bare hedgerow.

Emerald waters lay my mind at rest.

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