Anthony Cavuoti

Poems of Anthony Cavuoti

1. 1992 8/10/2011
2. A bridge of ignorant 6/2/2013
3. A collative distortion gone mad, 5/26/2013
4. A Lot Of The Times 2/25/2013
5. Albert Einstein 9/5/2012
6. All Heroes For The Past 100 Years Are False Adds 5/15/2013
7. As You See 8/9/2011
8. Attachment 9/2/2012
9. Awe Of Life 10/28/2012
10. be prepared to be slandered, pathologized, 2/1/2014
11. Be the world, the life that you want to die to, to be born into, 1/30/2013
12. Be with them 12/20/2013
13. Beauty of Darkness 7/8/2012
14. Being Dyslexic 6/4/2013
15. Beyond 7/13/2014
16. brighter, deeper, and more alive. 11/4/2012
17. By reflecting back 10/25/2012
18. called to awake 12/2/2012
19. Ceate a spirit 10/15/2011
20. Changing view of the light 8/11/2011

Discontinuous Existence

We do not die, instead we live a discontinuous existence. This life here, my body, my thoughts, memories, feelings, what I am physically, once this is over it is over. Anything else is just an allusion. When we die it is over, nothing is going to recreate us, make us again. Restore us to what we are. It is over the end. No more. End of story. Final curtain. The dirt sleep. Or is it.

Could not resonances of this life carry over to our next life, be with us in the after life, in the life betwee

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