Anonymous Americas

(1000-1950 / United States)

Anonymous Americas Poems

41. Emancipation Hymn 4/5/2010
42. Emancipation Song 4/5/2010
43. Encore 4/5/2010
44. England 1/1/2004
45. Enlisted Today 4/5/2010
46. Eternal Time, That Wastest Without Waste 4/5/2010
47. Eulogy For A Veteran 4/5/2010
48. Fair Helen 1/1/2004
49. Farewell To Brother Jonathan 4/5/2010
50. Fifty Years Apart 4/5/2010
51. Fling Out The Anti Slavery Flag 4/5/2010
52. Flying Slave 4/5/2010
53. For Christmas Day In The Morning 1/1/2004
54. Foweles In The Frith 1/1/2004
55. Frankie And Johnnie 1/1/2004
56. Freedom's Star 4/5/2010
57. Friendship 4/5/2010
58. Fugitive's Triumph 4/5/2010
59. Give Me That Old Time Religion 4/5/2010
60. God And The Soldier 1/1/2004
61. God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen 1/1/2004
62. God Save The King 1/1/2004
63. Godfrey Gordon 1/1/2004
64. Growing Old 4/5/2010
65. Hell In Texas 4/5/2010
66. Hellbound Train 4/5/2010
67. Hind Horn 1/1/2004
68. Hospital Duties 4/5/2010
69. Hurrah For The Light Artillery! 4/5/2010
70. I Am An Abolitionist 4/5/2010
71. I Don'T Want To Die 1/1/2004
72. I Have A Gentil Cock 1/1/2004
73. I Know Moonrise 4/5/2010
74. I Saw Three Ships 1/1/2004
75. I Sing Of A Maiden 1/1/2004
76. If All The World Were Paper 1/1/2004
77. If I Ever Marry, I'Ll Marry A Maid 4/5/2010
78. If We Knew 4/5/2010
79. I'M Growing Old 4/5/2010
80. In Snow-Time 4/5/2010
Best Poem of Anonymous Americas

A Son Of A Gun

I wish I had a barrel of rum
and sugar three hundred pound.
I’d put it in the College bell
and stir it ‘round and ‘round.
Let ev’ry honest fellow
drink his glass of hearty cheer,
For I’m a student of old Dartmouth
and a son of a gun for beer.

I’m a son of a, son of a, son of a,
son of a gun for beer.
I’m a son of a, son of a, son of a,
son of a gun for beer,
Like ev’ry honest fellow I like my whiskey clear.
For I’m a student of Old Dartmouth
and a son of a gun for beer.

And if I had a daughter, sir,
I’d dress her up in green;
I’d ...

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The Leather Bottel

Now God alone that made all things,
Heaven and earth and all that's in,
The ships that in the seas do swim
To keep out foes from coming in,
Then every one does what he can,
All for the good and use of man:
And I wish in Heaven his soul may dwell
That first devis'd the leather bottel.

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