Andrew David Dalby

Rookie - -5 Points [Alphadog1] (17th Of March 1967 / Brighton East Sussex United kingdom)

Biography of Andrew David Dalby

I am a happily married 46 year old father of four: the son of a father who is a retired police officer and a mother who worked as a shop manager. I grew up in a very politically active household, where the ideals of socialism were passionately discussed; this has effected my view of the world considerably, and does have an impact upon my work.
I began writing poetry in my early twenties, however, it is only recently with the development of the internet, and the opportunities given by the Open University have I been able to work solidly.
I have one collection of poetry completed that I will post here in e-book form.

Andrew David Dalby's Works:

I have not found a publisher, but I am looking for one. Updates

The Lake

I close my eyes and the lake comes to mind:

Its silver hue, flat expanse extends onward,
Into what seems an eternal; yet is refined,
By thick mists sweeping, rolling now forward,
That is made by soft energy, simply defined.

And through the cold, crystal clear water,
Are -hard seen- large orbs of mitered stones;

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