Allie Phillips

Allie Phillips Poems

1. Run 2/21/2014
2. Why do bad things happen to the best people? 2/21/2014
3. I am not Cinderella! 2/19/2014
4. Homecoming Dance! 2/19/2014
5. The Dance of Hope 2/19/2014
6. You and You Only 2/19/2014
7. I Make Me Sick 2/19/2014
8. Everywhere 2/19/2014

You and You Only

My heart is for you and you only
This ring means nothing
Just a band on my finger that says I'm taken
But I don't care if anyone asked
I would say I am yours even if I was not
No matter what I say to you or about you
Promise to not take it serious and leave me
Even if I say I hate you
You probably just hurt me or made me mad

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