Ali Sabry

Gold Star - 7,302 Points [Romantic Poet Ali Sabry™] (11/08/1988 / Iraq - Baghdad)

Ali Sabry Poems

1. My Poems Introduction 12/27/2011
2. The Sun Is Beautiful Honey But The Moon Is You 12/27/2011
3. You Come Back To Me At End 12/27/2011
4. Please My Lovely Beauty Lady Just Give Me The Chance 12/27/2011
5. My Wonderful Lady I Feel So Beautiful When I See You 12/27/2011
6. I'M Very Sad Because You Aren'T Ask About Me My Beauty Lovely Princess 12/27/2011
7. My Lovely Lady I Remember You In Every Word 12/27/2011
8. My Wonderful Princess, My Beautiful Lady 12/27/2011
9. My Wonderful Beauty Princess 12/27/2011
10. The Love Will Still To The First Lover Only 12/27/2011
11. I'M Write Your Name On The Mountains 12/27/2011
12. Please My Lovely Lady Give Me Some Of Your Love 12/27/2011
13. My Lovely Princess Is My Weakness Point 12/27/2011
14. Every Night Before I Retire To The Bed 12/27/2011
15. My Wonderful Princess, Me & You We Will Enjoy In This World In All Our Life Forever 12/27/2011
16. I'M Not Rich That’s True My Lovely Lady 12/27/2011
17. You Can'T Challenge Me My Wonderful Lady 12/27/2011
18. There Is Not Impossible In Dreams & Love 12/27/2011
19. My Lovely Beauty Princess Every Day In The Middle Of The Night I Walk In The Streets Alone 12/27/2011
20. My Lovely Beauty Lady 2 12/27/2011
21. 'My Beautiful Lovely Lady' 12/27/2011
22. Dear My Lovely Beauty Princess 3 12/27/2011
23. My Poems Conclusion 12/27/2011
24. I Am Sitting On Your Lap Warm Finally 6/30/2012
25. (on This Day I Awarded My Dear Girlfriend Rose Flower) 12/8/2012
26. - - -(((It Is The Fourth Anniversary Of This New Year))) - - - 1/10/2013
27. - - I Would Like To Invite You To Read My Romantic Poems- - 1/23/2013
28. 'Please My Lovely Lady Don’t Leave Lonely' 5/17/2013
29. Dear Visitor - I Would Like To Take You In A Tour In Reading My Romantic Poems 5/17/2013
30. I Would Like To Invite You To Read My Poems 6/2/2013
31. I Would Like To Invite You To Take A Tour To Read My Poems 6/8/2013
32. - -(((I Do Not Only Loving You))) - - 6/11/2013
33. 'Princes Was A Dream Girl Day & Night' 6/16/2013
34. The Light Of Mecca Brighted And Renewed My Believe 6/16/2013
35. I Wish You Weren'T In 6/24/2013
36. Princes Was A Dream Girl Day And Night 6/24/2013
37. - - - -I Do Not Only Loving You- - - - 6/26/2013
38. -i Would Like To Invite You To Read My Poems- 7/12/2013
39. My Dear, 7/1/2013
40. 'Silent Became My Walking Shadow' 6/16/2013
Best Poem of Ali Sabry

- You Are The Most Beautiful Girl In Whole The World-

The sun is beautiful honey but the moon is you
The earth is full of friends but the best & the wonderfully friend is you
If you will forget me my wonderful beauty lady that is something up to you
I'll never forget you forever in all my life because I love you so much
I love you so much from all my heart & I miss you from a long time
My wonderful lady I am always in all the night thinking of you
My lovely lady I became crazy about your love from the first time I met you because you are very smart & beautiful girl I loved you the moment I saw you
You are my soul breeze & my ...

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My Lovely Beauty Lady 2

It’s very impossible to make another person live in my heart except you
And you are so far from me with all my sadness
I will never let myself love another person except you in whole my life
It’s very impossible thinking in another person except you
Or thinking in new love after your love
You are the first love and the last love in whole my life forever to my death
This is the life and the fate is to stay far away from each other
My lovely lady I promise you that I will stay beside you in

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