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Ali Adamson Poems

1. A State Of Mind 9/16/2015
2. Weather 9/22/2015
3. Roz Ho Rahi Hay Shaam... (Urdu) 1/11/2014
4. This Can't Be Fate 7/14/2016
5. Life! 11/2/2014
6. How I Became Poor 1/1/2014
7. Jungle... 11/9/2010
8. Destination 1/3/2014
9. To Share... 1/16/2014
10. Probability 3/21/2014
11. In Hearts He Is 12/17/2013
12. Dimensions 2/14/2009
13. Love Me If You Can! 2/1/2009
14. Silence, A Message 2/14/2009
15. Thoughts And Me 1/30/2009
16. O Great God! 4/28/2009
17. Hate Me, If You Can 2/4/2009
18. Eyes: White-Holes 5/20/2009
19. Colours Dispersed... 5/7/2009
20. How Can I Count! 2/8/2009
21. Peace Be Upon Him 4/6/2009
22. Heart, Love Tones 3/18/2009
23. Difference! 4/20/2009
Best Poem of Ali Adamson


Vast as ocean, apart as grains
I could remember...
no songs of love,
no voice of hate
So... warm during day
and... cool at night
... you stretched your arm initiating a relation! ! !
in the next moment...
I slipped off your hand...
When I was SAND!


My tired soul
and endless journey
unbearable distance... it is my love!
If this is my life!
I am to die...
split up myself... pieces into pieces
approaching my love
with countless kisses
bleeding fast, screaming loud...
When I am CLOUD!

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This Can't Be Fate

I can't leave
For good
Some things
I hate

How to escape
But this prison
Soul in a body
No window or gate

I wish a moment
Breathing presence
I lived an age
Date by date

How can the Sun
Be my companion
I fall early
It sets late

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