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Ali Adamson Poems

1. A State Of Mind 9/16/2015
2. This Can't Be Fate 7/14/2016
3. Tear 10/3/2016
4. I Remember 1/20/2017
5. Probability 2 8/3/2016
6. Weather 9/22/2015
7. Life! 11/2/2014
8. Destination 1/3/2014
9. Limit Of Wish 8/18/2016
10. Jungle... 11/9/2010
11. To Share... 1/16/2014
12. Unwritten 12/27/2016
13. How I Became Poor 1/1/2014
14. In Hearts He Is 12/17/2013
15. Probability 3/21/2014
16. Dimensions 2/14/2009
17. Love Me If You Can! 2/1/2009
18. Thoughts And Me 1/30/2009
19. O Great God! 4/28/2009
20. Hate Me, If You Can 2/4/2009
21. Eyes: White-Holes 5/20/2009
22. Colours Dispersed... 5/7/2009
23. How Can I Count! 2/8/2009
24. Peace Be Upon Him 4/6/2009
25. Difference! 4/20/2009
26. Heart, Love Tones 3/18/2009
Best Poem of Ali Adamson

Heart, Love Tones

When a heart is broken
with no noise here on earth
but in the skies
That is love!

When eyes are heavy
with the salty tide
tears... not flowing out
wetting you inside
That is love!

While listening harsh with an ease
some words so soft make you freeze
That is love!

There is frankness as much as lie
but there is space
hard to melt the ice on lips
but all it is written on your face
That is love!

While leaving you...
Life... no more kind
A smile twinkles in your mind
That is love!

While going there...
when it...

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Love Me If You Can!

Love me, if you can!
Love the hell, I have created!
Love my misfortunes!
Love the ugly face of hatred...
That I used to dream
All my afternoons

Love the poisonous jealousy...
With which in our way

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