Albert Ahearn

Biography of Albert Ahearn

I am a rogue poet that rarely follows traditional poetic form. I write for my own pleasure only, not for consensus.
I am intelligent and eccentric. I can be profound or profane. I dance to the beat of one drum- the drum that I created.
I know what love is but I am confounded by hate. I believe in a higher order of things; at the same time, I am repelled by false tenets and promises that the gullible majority is fettered to.
I believe that independence and individual achievement enable society to survive and thrive. I dismiss faith and hope beyond empirical reason-the kind that makes an independent, free-thinking mind feeble. Updates

C’est La vie!

I gaze above from my grassy station
While lying on my back, the cumuli
Traversed the sky in noiseless slow-motion.
Great day! I thought while fixed upon the sky.
Then casually a bird flew overhead
And dropped its cargo off all over me.
In life a little rain must fall, instead
A bird brain passed its bowel of feces.
What does one say after being pooped on?

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